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How to find jobs in New Hampshire

Written By: chrisr2 - Jul• 16•15

Want to live free and get hired? Go to NHwebsearch.com and search over 24,000 of jobs in the granite state.

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The Company Culture Podcast

Written By: chrisr2 - Jun• 29•15

Is it right for you? Find out in this 21 minute podcast with CEO Tom Gimbel. Chris Russell, founder of CareerCloud is the interviewer.

Find or post a job fair on JobFairing

Written By: chrisr2 - Jun• 13•15

Sometimes a site comes along that seems like it should have existed long ago. JobFairing.com is one of those sites. It is global directory of job abd career fairs. You can search and browse job fairs from Londo to Los Angeles. Its totally free.


For job fair event personnel you can post your event for free or choose an upgraded package which includes 5 or 10 dys of facebook advertising.

Advice on how not to quit your job

Written By: chrisr2 - May• 31•15

Its usually a good idea not to quit your job unless you have another one lined up. Here some quick advice on that subject from CareerCloud Radio.

Job Search Advice for Recent Grads – Podcast

Written By: chrisr2 - May• 10•15

Are you a recent college graduate about to enter the workforce? Well then you need to listen to this podcast with Dustin Pearce. Dustin is just a few years removed from graduating and he shares his struggles and successes from his own job search.

Ace Your Job Interview podcast

Written By: chrisr2 - Apr• 26•15

Tom Gimbel of Lasalle Network talks about interview tips for job seekers in this new podcast episode.

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Use these 9 free tools for a quick resume

Written By: chrisr2 - Apr• 09•15

Need a quick resume but dont have time to write it yourself? Well here are 9 free resume builders to make your job hunt a little easier.

Great list of technology firms in Connecticut to work at

Written By: chrisr2 - Jan• 21•15

The folks at GoEcart, an ecommerce software company based in Connecticut created a cool list of tech firms in the state. Its a great starting point if you want to find a tech job in the Nutmeg state. For an additional resource visit CONNtechjobs.com.


How to get a job in marketing at a startup

Written By: chrisr2 - Jan• 18•15

Good question, right? Well in this audio found on CareerCloud Radio, a job hunter named Rebecca breaks down that exact story. Listen to this 30 minute audio and learn how she went about her job search. She’ll tell you how she landed a marketing associate job at a healthcare startup in Boston.

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The Best Paying Jobs of 2014: Conclusion of the Year

Written By: chrisr2 - Dec• 12•14

The best paying jobs of 2014 should come as no surprise. Many of the highest paying jobs are within the medical field and will provide professionals with extremely high paying salaries and impeccable benefits.

Let’s delve into the highest paying jobs of 2014, all of which can be found on JobTonic.

1.     Anesthesiologists

The top paying job of the year beating out surgeons, which were the highest paid.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an Anesthesiologist will earn, on average, a salary of $235,000. Working mostly in surgeon offices, these specialists are an integral part of a surgical team. As an anesthesiologist, you’ll be responsible for the monitoring of the patient’s vital signs and work with surgeons to prepare for medical procedures.

Immense schooling is needed to land a job in this field. Anyone who has hopes of being an anesthesiologist will be happy to know that the health industry is expected to grow greatly in the next 10 years.

2.     Surgeons

Surgeons are paid very highly with the average wage being $233,150 per year. There are currently 41,030 professionals in this field. As a surgeon, a professional may be working with non-invasive as well as invasive procedures, depending on the patient’s current medical condition and needs.

Surgeons will need to go through 8 years’ of schooling after which an internship or residency will be necessary.

There is a phenomenal job outlook in this field with an expected job growth of 18%, much higher than the national average, between 2012 and 2022.

3.     General Practice Physicians

Often grouped with surgeons, general practice physicians come in at number 3 on our list. These professionals are currently enjoying a job growth rate of 18% with salaries swelling to $220,942 per year.

Breaking into this field will require a doctoral degree as well as an internship before a physician will be able to practice on their own.

Forecasts show that between 2012 and 2022, over 123,000 jobs will be added to this sector.

4.     Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists are growing in demand and enjoy a salary of, on average, $182,660 per year. California is the highest paying state when it comes to psychiatrist pay with the average being $191,460.

Growth is the same as physicians and surgeons and sits at a projected rate of 18% over the coming 10 years.

5.     Orthodontists and Dentists

A stressful job that pays very well. Professionals in this field will have to undergo eight years of schooling prior to being able to treat and correct patient’s dental-related needs. In this field, the average salary is $149,310 per year, or nearly $72 per hour. These figures come directly from BLS and are current as of 2012.

Between 2012 and 2022, this field is expected to increase by 16%; higher than the national average. During this time, 23,300 jobs in total are expected to be added.

Many of these professionals will work for themselves in their own dental offices, but some do work with a small staff or as part of a bigger team.