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Ecommerce Software jobs in Connecticut

Written By: chrisr2 - Apr• 04•14

GoECart, a Bridgeport Connecticut based provider of eCommerce software has announced the launch of its new career site.  The company is actively hiring and launched their new initiative in order to give candidates a better perspective about life at the fast growth start up.

e-commerce red


“As we grow, the site will grow with us”, says CM Russell, GoECart’s Talent Acquisition Manager. “Candidates can check out our hiring process, read about perks and check out open job listings. There’ even a blog which will be used to highlight employee news and special events.”

The company mainly hires in sales, biz dev and technical roles that involve knowledge of the Microsoft Technology statck such as IIS, ASP.net and C#. Learn more at http://www.goecart.jobs/

EDMC looking to fill 20 jobs in Pennsylvania

Written By: chrisr2 - Feb• 06•14

The Education Management Corp (aka EDMC) is looking to hire. They just announced openings in: COLLECTIONS, RECOVERY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, PHONE, COMPLIANCE, ACCOUNTS.

The jobs are located in Green Tree Pennsylvania.

EDMC is hiring

View this job lead and learn how to apply.

Online art institue in Arizona Needs to Hire

Written By: chrisr2 - Feb• 04•14

Do you like teaching art? Well the Art Institute of Pittsburgh is hiring to staff their office on Phoenix Arizona. They are hiring for the following positions: ADMISSIONS, EDUCATION, CUSTOMER SERVICE, CAREER, COUNSELING, COMMUNICATIONS, SALES, ACADEMIC, CONSULTATIVE. Looks like they need to hire around twenty people so get your foot in the door today!

Learn more & apply.

online art institute jobs

Veterinary Hospital jobs available in California, New York and Florida

Written By: chrisr2 - Feb• 03•14

In this hidden job lead VetMgrCentral is looking to hire 102 people to fill jobs in VETERINARIAN, VETERINARY PRACTICE MANAGER, VETERINARY HOSPITAL MANAGER, VETERINARY OPERATIONS.

They are hiring due to strong demand for their services and need to hire more staff. Learn how to apply here.

veterinary hospital jobs

The latest hidden jobs from Hidden Jobs App

Written By: chrisr2 - Feb• 03•14

If you live in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Iowa, Indiana, California we’ve got some hot job leads.

Should I take a year out after graduating?

Written By: chrisr2 - Oct• 23•13

With the economy still struggling and unemployment rates soaring, many people are choosing to take a year out after graduating from University. Is this a good idea? Getting away for a while can seem inviting especially after years of hard studying, but are Graduates just delaying the inevitable? Could they make better use of that time by staying at home and getting some valuable job experience?


The post-uni “gap year” is nothing new. It was considered a rite of passage for many young Victorian men to travel around Europe before coming home and settling down. Now, thanks to commercial airlines, we can travel to any corner of the globe in hours, and take in different cultures, environments and landscapes.

The concept of the gap year has grown up a lot in recent years. Where it used to mean backpacking through as many countries as possible in the shortest period of time, taking photographs and moving on, today attitudes have changed, more and more people are choosing to give something back. Conservation groups, children’s charities and nature reserves are cropping up all over deprived countries, and travellers can now volunteer and work at these places whilst absorbing the culture around them. Not only is this much better for the societies in need, but the volunteers gain valuable skills which can be put to use on their CVs when they return home. People are living longer than ever before, and it is expected if this trend continues that the generation graduating from university now will live well into their 90s and even 100s. The retirement age recently increased, and will no doubt continue to do so as people live longer. Why spend your life studying in education only to rush into a career straight out of Uni? Your early 20s are the years when you can truly be selfish. With no dependent children or family, why shouldn’t you have a bit of adventure before settling down? After fourteen years of education, you deserve a break.

People have been heading off on worldly adventures after finishing their degree for years, and judging from the older generation, it didn’t do them any harm.


It is easy to sing the praises of the gap year. After all who wouldn’t want to swan off to distant lands and spend months getting drunk on foreign beaches? But graduates who are serious about finding their dream job could be missing out on huge opportunities by doing so. Many large corporations only accept Graduates who finished University up to two years ago. If you consider that you may not have enough required experience under your belt in order to even be considered for the interview stage, this is a very small window of opportunity. Your first few years out of University will shape your career more than any other. Rather than squandering what little money you have on flip flops and “finding yourself”, you should be focusing on getting as much experience as possible, whether that is through internships, volunteering or paid work.

The job market is hugely competitive at the moment, and if you want to have an edge on the hundreds of other graduates who apply, you need to prove yourself. Besides, wouldn’t you rather travel once you have enough money to be able to do it in style? You won’t earn that kind of money through slacking. You will find it much harder to find a graduate job in your desired field after a year away, and will not be in the mind-set to take the job hunt seriously. Take advantage of the knowledge that is still fresh in your mind – you won’t remember the finer details of your degree course if your mind is still in Bangkok.

Olivia Lazenby blogs for www.jobsinmanchester.com. After graduating she spent a year living in Australia, where she worked for the majority of her stay. She returned home to Manchester where she now advises job seekers on finding work.

Social media jobs there’s an app for that

Written By: chrisr2 - Oct• 11•13

Here’s a neat way to stay on top of the social media jobs being posted online. Social Media Jobs Guide is a new app from the folks at CareerCloud. It lists the latest feeds from the major & niche job boards like Mashable, Jobs in Social Media and Hoojobs. Its only for iOS so you’ll need an iphone or ipad to use it. Download it for 99 cents. You can browse the job feeds, save any job in a favorites list or email it to your inbox.

social media jobs

Latest social media jobs

Written By: chrisr2 - Sep• 16•13

Love social so much that you want to work full-time with it? Check out these great social media jobs that have been posted recently.

at Sears
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 28 Aug
at Mobile Recruiting Blog
New York, NY 21 Aug
at Spredfast
Chicago, IL 20 Aug
at Hospital for Special Surgery
New York City 11 Aug
at Singles Event Finder

A successful job seeker

Written By: chrisr2 - Sep• 16•13

People who get laid off are finding jobs. CareerCloud is launching a new series on its podcast that interviews successful job seekers aho are landing jobs. They tell their story, share tips and tell you step by step what led them to finding work. Their latest show includes an interview with Hope Barrett from Atlanta who got her job by putting her resume on a job board! Imagine that. Listen to this 27 minute interview here.


Create your social resume

Written By: chrisr2 - Aug• 28•13

Are you active on social media? Do you have multiple accounts on sites like facebook, linkedin, instagram, pinterest and more? Well a new service from CareerCloud.com lets you sync all your accounts onto a single page. They call them “social resumes” and you can create yours for free. We tried creating and it looks great. Here’s a link to some examples. Think of it as a homepage for all your social media accounts. You even get some useful badges, the ability to print it as a pdf and your own web address!

your social resume