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Get your social referrals on!

Written By: chrisr2 - Jul• 03•13

New Social Referral Site Shows Where Your Friends Work and What Jobs are available

NEW YORK, NY – Job seekers should never job hunt alone. Studies show that people are 3-4 times more likely to be hired when they get a personal referral from someone who works there. A new service from the social recruiting company CareerCloud.com, lets you see where your Facebook friends and Linkedin connections are employed so you can easily ask for a referral.

The free web service aptly named Jobs with Friends, is located at friends.careercloud.com. New users simply sync their Facebook & Linkedin connections and the system organizes all companies in their network. You can then check for available jobs at each firm and if you see one that’s interesting, ask that friend for a referral. They’ll get a written request to refer you in their Facebook or Linkedin inbox. You can even upload a resume which your friend can download & submit to their Human Resources department.

“If I’m looking for a job, I’d rather start with a tool like this”, says CareerCloud CEO Chris Russell. “Being able to leverage one’s contacts is a much better way to look for work. Not only will it help you get hired faster but your friend will probably get a referral bonus from their employer. It’s a win-win.”

In addition to the social referral system the site has several other useful features;

-Invite your friends to see where their connections work
-Search your entire network by name or company
-‘Ask what its like to work there’ message button
-Ability to hide certain friends you dont want to see
-One click research buttons to see company information on Google, Twitter, Youtube, etc
-Save any company, friend or job listing as a favorite
-Integration with Indeed.com, search all jobs and see whenever you have a connection there from Facebook or Linkedin

The service is completely private and nothing is posted to a users account or wall.

When you’re jobless and single

Written By: chrisr2 - Jun• 10•13

Things can be tough when you are jobless and single. Depression sinks in and you spend your days online with little to no human contact.

One of the things the jobless should do is stay active through networking. Both for a job and or a date. Theres a new site to find singles events so check it out. Networking is networking as they say and you cant win IF you dont play.

So get out there and join networking groups, job search clubs, get on social media to connect virtually.

In the end people hire people, so go meet some!

single events

How to find career events

Written By: chrisr2 - May• 01•13

Part of the hidden job market means getting out there are talking to people at events. Well 99events, the event search engine has a new easy way to do that.

Just go to their Browse section and choose the city nearest you. Then from the left topic menu select ‘Career‘ and they will display all the career and job related events within a 10 mile radius.

Its a great way to find career fairs, job clubs and talks by resume writers and career coaches.

By 2025 there may be 100,000 jobs in the UAV industry

Written By: chrisr2 - Apr• 22•13

It probably wont be too long for drones to replace cameramen at football games or traffic copters that deliver you your morning traffic report. The FAA will open up civilian airspace in the USA in 2015 so that drones, or UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) can roam freely by a pilot on the ground.

Surely this move will give rise to a new industry. According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, more than 70,000 new jobs (U.S.) will be created in the first three years following the integration of unmanned aircraft into the United States airspace system. Not surprisingly a new job board has sprung up to help staff this nascent industry.

You can read their full report here.

Maximize your networking

Written By: chrisr2 - Mar• 04•13

Are you an avid networker? Do you go to an event each week? Well a new site called 99events.com lets you search and discover more local events than ever.

When you do a keyword search or just enter a location it searches across 6 different events sites such as Meetup & Eventbrite and delivers them to you on one page. Try a a search like ‘career’ in Boston, MA to see a boatload of career related events. Its totally useful.

A job site without jobs?

Written By: chrisr2 - Feb• 07•13

Well here’s something interesting. [ GIGJOB.com ] Its a job site with no jobs. Instead users sign up to get job alerts via email from top job sites including Monster, Indeed, etc. The job seeker just needs to fill out a simple form with the keyword and location of their choice and each day they’ll get one email with just those jobs that match. Not a bad idea especially if it saves you time in the job search process.

Get your solar jobs here

Written By: chrisr2 - Nov• 18•12

Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in this county. In fact solar jobs account for over 119,00 full time roles in the U.S. according to a new report by the Solar Foundation which released its National Solar Jobs Census last week.

The report also says that the solar industry added 13,872 new workers in the last 12 months, which was a 13.2% growth. Most of these were new workers. Also encouraging was the fact that half of all solar installation firms in the country expect to hire next year.

Hidden Job Leads for the week of Sept 7th

Written By: chrisr2 - Sep• 07•12

8,947 Hidden Jobs Ripped From The Headlines This Week


Hidden Jobs Company Locations Source
30 InMed Group
  • Alabama
[view source]
27 Guidon Design Inc
  • Indiana
[view source]
200 Amazon
  • Tennessee
[view source]
100 Giesecke & Devrient
  • Ohio
[view source]
500 General Motors
  • Texas
[view source]
40 Bacterin International Holdings
  • Montana
[view source]
150 Tableau Software
  • Texas
[view source]
80 RavenBrick
  • Colorado
[view source]
64 StarTek
  • Colorado
[view source]
180 Texas Roadhouse Bradenton
  • Florida
[view source]
10 Victory Brewing
  • Pennsylvania
[view source]
200 Dyson
  • Illinois
[view source]
1200 Kohls Fulfillment Center
  • Ohio
[view source]
100 Lentine Group
  • Michigan
[view source]
1000 Dickeys Barbecue
  • Nationwide
[view source]
75 Crosspoint Solutions
  • Indiana
[view source]
239 HID Global Corp
  • Texas
[view source]
254 Sheetz Inc
  • North Carolina
[view source]
200 Allergan Inc
  • New Jersey
[view source]
80 Goya Foods
  • New Jersey
[view source]
50 Global Polymer Industries
  • South Dakota
[view source]
300 Nasty Gal Fashion
  • Kentucky
[view source]
500 Softrock – Orlando
  • Florida
[view source]

Who’s hiring this week in AZ, MA, IL, PA, LA, NY, FL, IN and more

Written By: chrisr2 - Apr• 02•12
150 Hidden Jobs at Afni – Tuscon in Arizona [ view source ]
100 Hidden Jobs at 2tor Inc in Washington DC [ view source ]
70 Hidden Jobs at New Resturant in Illinois [ view source ]
25 Hidden Jobs at Advanced Reconnaissance Corp in Maryland [ view source ]
120 Hidden Jobs at HMSHost in Arizona [ view source ]
20 Hidden Jobs at ONLINE Information Services in North Carolina [ view source ]
2 Hidden Jobs at Goldenrod in Kentucky [ view source ]
10 Hidden Jobs at Adalyze Technologies in Illinois [ view source ]
12 Hidden Jobs at Sealed Air Corp in Massachusetts [ view source ]
100 Hidden Jobs at IMMI in Indiana [ view source ]
57 Hidden Jobs at Retail Acquisition & Development in Illinois [ view source ]
30 Hidden Jobs at ProVia Door Inc in Ohio [ view source ]
15 Hidden Jobs at LEEVAC Shipyards in Louisiana [ view source ]
1000 Hidden Jobs at Shell Oil Company in Pennsylvania [ view source ]
140 Hidden Jobs at CSX Corp in Maryland [ view source ]
240 Hidden Jobs at CSX Transportation in New York [ view source ]
100 Hidden Jobs at Valpak Direct Marketing Systems in Florida [ view source ]
60 Hidden Jobs at T.J.Maxx in New York [ view source ]
62 Hidden Jobs at Wild Turkey in Kentucky [ view source ]
400 Hidden Jobs at United Market Street in Texas [ view source ]
100 Hidden Jobs at Groupon in California [ view source ]
150 Hidden Jobs at Dominos Pizza in Missouri [ view source ]
66 Hidden Jobs at Android Industries in Indiana [ view source ]
960 Hidden Jobs at Gentex Corporation in Michigan [ view source ]
150 Hidden Jobs at 3PL Worldwide in Connecticut [ view source ]
Also check out WeekendJobHunt.com for all your weekend jobs.

3,244 Hidden Job Leads for 3/5/12

Written By: chrisr2 - Mar• 05•12
41 Hidden Jobs at Unison Engine Components in Indiana [ view source ]
40 Hidden Jobs at Bemis in Indiana [ view source ]
110 Hidden Jobs at Silver Springs Bottled Water Co in Pennsylvania [ view source ]
31 Hidden Jobs at Sealed Air Cryovac in Texas [ view source ]
100 Hidden Jobs at Williams and Fudge in South Carolina [ view source ]
10 Hidden Jobs at JET Industries in Pennsylvania [ view source ]
20 Hidden Jobs at Touché Lighting Controls in Indiana [ view source ]
25 Hidden Jobs at Onit – Houston in Texas [ view source ]
1000 Hidden Jobs at Margaritaville Casino in Mississippi [ view source ]
6 Hidden Jobs at Regal Cutting Tools in Wisconsin [ view source ]
80 Hidden Jobs at Sonata Health Care LLC in Florida [ view source ]
44 Hidden Jobs at Hamilton Relay in Maryland [ view source ]
50 Hidden Jobs at Yura Corporation in Alabama [ view source ]
80 Hidden Jobs at Toyota Motor Engineering in West Virginia [ view source ]
150 Hidden Jobs at Bad Boy Mowers in Arkansas [ view source ]
100 Hidden Jobs at Goldman Sachs in Utah [ view source ]
10 Hidden Jobs at LLamasoft in Michigan [ view source ]
25 Hidden Jobs at Capsilon in California [ view source ]
500 Hidden Jobs at Paramount Citrus in California [ view source ]
100 Hidden Jobs at MBC Group Inc in Indiana [ view source ]
400 Hidden Jobs at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Florida [ view source ]
2 Hidden Jobs at Under Cover in Massachusetts [ view source ]
200 Hidden Jobs at XPO Logistics in North Carolina [ view source ]
80 Hidden Jobs at Morgan Technical Ceramics in Ohio [ view source ]
40 Hidden Jobs at Navistar International in Ohio [ view source ]